The Crockers YouTube: Net Worth, Divorce and Homestead Location (2024)

If you’re a fan of their YouTube channel and want to know:

➜ Where their current cabin is located

➜ How much they make on YouTube

➜ How they saved up for their cabin

➜ If they are single or have a boyfriend

➜ What is their net worth and income

➜ Where you can source more details

➜ Discover any of their cabin secrets

Then you’re in the right place!

Let’s journey into their #cabinlife story.

The Channel

The Crockers YouTube

Real Name(s)

Jason Crocker (age 41)

Danielle Crocker (age 38)

They have had some shaky times in their relationship, with Jason previously married to Jaylena but they got divorced.

She talked about the issues here:

Meanwhile, Jared Crocker left the channel some time ago.

The Cabin

Their tiny home cabin is located on Shootdang Ranch.


During their journey:

➜ They built a livestock barn

➜ The old shop got renovated

➜ They built a goat shelter

➜ They bought a side by side

And they have more plans on their agenda.


I don’t have their exact farm location and wish to protect their privacy.


Like many people, they become frustrated with the materialistic world and chose a life of freedom and fulfillment in the country.

Net Worth

YouTube couples are often wealthier than we imagine.

As of 2024, The Crockers YouTube has a net worth of $1,300,000 USD. This is based on the value of their homestead, car and online business.

That certainly helps them live the idyllic life in the woods.


It’s also surprising how much their channel makes.

The Crockers YouTube makes $5,300 USD per month on YouTube.

To do this, they simply:

➜ Run YouTube ads on their videos

➜ Donations via Patreon and PayPal

➜ Selling their own merchandise

So it’s clear that they’re treating their YouTube channel like a business, although they don’t make as much as other channels do.


They have collaborated with several other channels, and they themselves run 2 other small channels.

My favorite collab was their series with Corey and Cynthia Davis.

Big Moments

During their journey, they have:

➜ Brought goats onto their homestead

➜ Dealt with trespassers on their own land

➜ Been hit with gossip and controversy

And I can’t wait to see what’s to come.

Future Plans

They have no plans to cash out and go elsewhere. This homesteading life will see them out to retirement.


There are no secrets here. They openly share their lives on YouTube for all of us, including the skeletons in the closet.


What can we learn from their #cabinpreneur journey?

➜ Buy a simple homestead

➜ Learn the simple skills

➜ Find a supportive partner

And of course, start building your freedom lifestyle today.

My Thoughts

I’ve really enjoyed their channel and have learned a ton in the process. They’re an asset for the homesteading community and I wish their journey well.

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