Suzy’s Homestead: Husband, Real Name and YouTube Income (2024)

If you’re a fan of her YouTube channel and want to know:

➜ Where her current cabin is located

➜ How much she makes off YouTube

➜ How she saved up to buy the cabin

➜ If she is single or has a boyfriend

➜ What is her net worth and income

➜ Where you can source more details

➜ Discover more of her cabin secrets

Then you’re in the right place!

Let’s journey into her #cabinlife story.

The Channel

Suzy’s Homestead

Real Name(s)

Susan Murithi who is 35 years old.


Her homestead is a normal home in the suburbs.

You can watch a tour here:


She’s based in Nairobi, Kenya, although I don’t have her exact address.


Susan turned on the camera and people LOVED her content. She’s built a loyal following in just a few years.

The best part? She is just being herself on camera.

Net Worth

Female YouTubers are often wealthier than we imagine.

As of 2024, Susan Murithi of Suzy’s Homestead has a net worth of $220,000 USD. This is based on the value of her home and online business.

That certainly helps her live the idyllic life on YouTube.


It’s also surprising how much her channel makes.

Suzy’s Homestead makes $3,700 per month on her channel.

She makes this much with:

➜ Affiliate links to Skillshare subscriptions

➜ Amazon affiliate links to good products

➜ YouTube ads that play on her channel

➜ Occasional sponsorships that come

She’s definitely business-minded and is treating her channel seriously.


She has been featured on some other African channels.

Future Plans

She isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. She aspires to turn her channel into a million subscribers.


None that I could find.


What can we learn from her #cabinpreneur journey?

➜ Start growing your own food

➜ Start cooking your own food

➜ YouTube videos can be profitable

And work hard for your success.

My Thoughts

Her channel is beautiful and it’s so good to see non-Western channels going the extra mile.

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