Rob Greenfield: Net Worth and YouTube Earnings Revealed (2024)

If you’re a fan of his YouTube channel and want to know:

➜ Where his current cabin is located

➜ How much he makes on YouTube

➜ How he saved up for his cabin

➜ If he is single or has a girlfriend

➜ What is his net worth and income

➜ Where you can source more details

➜ Discover more of his cabin secrets

Then you’re in the right place!

Let’s journey into his #cabinlife story.

The Channel

Rob Greenfield uses his real name on his channel, and he’s 39 years old.

The Mission

Rob aspires to break free from Big AG.

His YouTube channel is a source to educate, inspire and help others to live more sustainable, equal and just lives.

His videos frequently cover sustainable living, simple living, growing your own food, gardening, self-sufficiency, minimalism, off-the-grid living, zero waste, living in a tiny house and permaculture.

And you know what? That’s everything we stand for here at Cabinpreneur!


He lives in Florida but travels often.


It’s the dream of millions. To “live off the land” and never have to take a trip to the grocery store. Many people have experienced the instability of our food system and desire to break free.

But is it possible to break free? Through Rob’s channel, he’s here to show that it is.

Net Worth

Guys on Youtube are typically wealthier than we imagine.

As of 2024, Rob Greenfield has a net worth of $1,200,000 USD. This is based on the value of his online business and stock portfolio.

While he is a millionaire, he lives a rather simple life and is very budget-conscious.


It’s also surprising how much he makes with his channel.

Rob Greenfield makes $17,000 per month on YouTube, however, 100% of his media income is donated to grassroots nonprofits. He lives on so little.

He also has a huge community to lean on for support as needed.


He has been featured on a ton of other channels, most notably Exploring Alternatives.

Big Moments

His journey has been an interesting one, and Rob has experienced:

➜ Someone stole his bamboo bicycle

➜ Big Ag CEOs wanting to cancel him

➜ He built his tiny home for just $1,500

➜ He wore all of his trash for 30 days

➜ He cut up his drivers licence

Some people also suspect that he’s been shadowbanned on YouTube. When you consider his subscriber count to his views per video, they’re very low. It’s quite odd.

This suggests to many people that YouTube doesn’t want to show his content to people. Did they get paid to do that?

This has been the source of some conspiracy theories lately.

Future Plans

Rob will continue to campaign for self-sustainability for years to come.


He’s a living legend within the permaculture, sustainability and tiny home movement.


What can we learn from his #cabinpreneur journey?

➜ Stay humble and committed to your journey

➜ You don’t need a lot to make a big change

➜ Begin, at the very least, growing your own food

And join supportive sustainability communities.

My Thoughts

Through his content, Rob has done more for sustainability in the past 12 months than most people will do in their entire lifetimes.

He’s passionate about saving the planet and his message absolutely resonates with us here at Cabinpreneur.

He has our entire support.

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