Red Poppy Ranch: Net Worth, Location, Religion and Earnings (2024)

If you’re a fan of their YouTube channel and want to know:

➜ Where their current ranch is located

➜ How much they make on YouTube

➜ How they saved up for their ranch

➜ If they are single or have a boyfriend

➜ What is their net worth and income

➜ Where you can source some gossip

➜ Discover any of their ranch secrets

Then you’re in the right place!

Let’s journey into their #ranchlife story.

The Channel

Red Poppy Ranch

Real Name(s)

Heath Skinner

Cedar Skinner

Ammon Skinner

They have a remarkable 6 chilren!

The Ranch

Their ranch was initially a vacant 42 acre plot of land that they cleared to build their home, barn and deer park.

They are 2.6 miles from the closest powerline, showcasing just how rural they are!


During their time, not only have they received they received the certificate of occupancy for their house, but they have also:

➜ Built a wood shop

➜ Built a high fence for the deer

➜ Bought some aditional farm equipment (their skid steer is awesome)

➜ Rebuilt their roadway and cut in new roads too

It’s clear that they have a love for ranch projects.


Red Poppy Ranch is located in Preston, Idaho. While I have their location on Google Maps, I don’t want to disclose it publicly.


They had zero construction experience (apart from Heath’s 16 years experience in plumbing)

Net Worth

YouTube couples building cabins are often a bit wealthier than we imagine. Looking through their channel metrics and of course, their many videos, I’ve come to this estimation…

As of 2024, Red Poppy Ranch has a net worth of $1,700,000 USD.

That certainly helps this thriving family live the idyllic life in the woods.


It’s also surprising how much their channel makes. I’m also estimating that…

When it comes to online income, Red Poppy Ranch makes $6,500 per month on YouTube and social media.

Most of this is earned through ads that play on their YouTube channel, as well as the occasional brand deal.

So it’s clear that they’re treating their YouTube channel like a business and quality has improved in recent years.


I haven’t seen Heath or his wife collab with anyone else within this off-grid YouTuber space.

Big Moments

They have had some wild moments, such as:

➜ Buying their land debt-free

➜ Buying a seriously cheap excavator and tiny home

➜ Built a remarkable wood stove

And there’s more to come!

Future Plans

I can imagine that Red Poppy Ranch will continue to create for years to come! Their life is just so interesting and it’s clear their fans love it!


The family from Red Poppy Ranch is Mormon. I mean – it’s Idaho after all! Plus, Health talks about this at times on his channel, as well as politics.

Both have been a turn-off for some of his viewers.


What can we learn from their #ranchlife journey?

➜ Use the resources you have available

➜ Remain humble, yet super consistent

➜ You don’t need a huge mortgage

And of course, stay safe out there!

My Thoughts

Heath is one of the hardest working YouTube creators I’ve seen within the off-grid community. Just incredible! And I hope he continues going for years and years.

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