Perkins Builder Brothers: Net Worth, Accident and Earnings (2024)

If you’re a fan of their YouTube channel and want to know:

➜ What happened with the accident

➜ How much they make on YouTube

➜ What their reputation is

➜ What is their net worth and income

➜ Where you can source some gossip

➜ Discover any of their cabin secrets

Then you’re in the right place!

Let’s journey into their #cabinlife story.

The Channel

Perkins Builder Brothers

Real Name(s)

Erik Perkins

Jaime Perkins


Perkins Builder Brothers are remarkable cabin and homestead builders with a solid reputation.


In April of 2020, Jaime’s hand was pulled into machinery where he ultimately lost most of his fingers. Devastating for a carpenter but now he has mechanical hands!

It was a freak accident, but perhaps was also a blessing in disguise.


Bryson City, North Carolina


These two close-knit brothers discovered the secret to social media fame and their construction business is now busier than ever.

Smoky Mountain News and Pro Builder both have epic stories about how they grew their following.

Net Worth

Home builders often a bit wealthier than we imagine. Looking through their channel metrics and of course, their many videos, I’ve come to this rather close estimation…

As of 2024, Perkins Builder Brothers has a net worth of $7,500,000 USD.

Yes, thanks to their rise to fame on social media, they have become multi-millionaires, based on the value of their company, trucks, equipment, tools and personal brand. That certainly helps them live the idyllic life in the woods when they aren’t busy building incredible homes.


It’s also surprising how much their channel makes.

If we put aside how much they make on each project, and instead focus entirely on their social earnings, I’m going to estimate that…

Perkins Builder Brothers makes $17,000 per month on YouTube.

To do this, they simply:

➜ Take on non-conflicting brand sponsorships such as Keeps

➜ Earn commisions via affiliate links to products they already use on their job site

So it’s clear that they’re treating their YouTube channel like a secondary business, although its main focus is to promote their construction company. And for that, it’s doing a mighty fine job!


I haven’t seen them collab with too many other builders at this time.

Big Moments

Apart from the accident, they have:

➜ Built some incredible mountain homes for clients

➜ Shared a ton of construction wisdom for free

➜ Shown us what’s possible with a solid work ethic

And they aren’t planning to retire anytime soon!

Future Plans

They’re on to a good thing here! They’ll probably build their company up to doing $100m in annual turnover.


I haven’t found any gossip or much backlash.


What can we learn from their #cabinpreneur journey?

➜ A solid work ethic takes you places

➜ You can definitely bounce back from tragedy

➜ Always be learning, every single day

And ignore the naysayers along the way!

My Thoughts

I have learned so much from watching Perkins Builder Brothers. Whether it’s their simple carpentry skills they pass on, their comradery or their passion for building client homes, it’s clear that they do solid work and are here for the long haul!

Your Cabin

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