Mother The Mountain Farm: Julia and Anastasia’s Secrets Exposed (2024)

Welcome to the ultimate analysis of Mother The Mountain Farm for 2024.

I’ve watched their content from the start and have done a ton of independent research and fact-checking.

If you’re a fan of their YouTube channel and want to know:

➜ Where their NSW farm is located

➜ How much they make on YouTube

➜ How they saved up for their cabin

➜ If the girls have actual boyfriends

➜ Where you can source more details

➜ If they are active on any forums

➜ Discover any of their cabin secrets

Then you’re definitely in the right place!

This is a journey into their #cabinlife story.

Let’s begin!

Last updated: 26th March, 2024.


Mother The Mountain Farm

Their Australian YouTube channel has amassed more than 70 million views, combining off-grid living with the appeal of these beautiful women.

Real Name(s)

The cast of Mother The Mountain Farm includes:

Julia Vanderbyl (age 27)

Anastasia Vanderbyl (age 24)

It’s assumed that the girls attended Steiner schools, however, both actually attended Mullumbimby High School where Julia graduated with top scores in 2014 and Ana in 2018.

Both women opted to travel after high school, joined art classes, and Ana studied fashion design at university, only to return to the farm in early 2020.

Their mum (who I believe is still single) does the bulk of their filming, although isn’t keen on being on camera, while Julia does the editing for all of their YouTube videos.

If you’re curious, this is what their mum looks like:


Julia Vanderbyl and Anastasia Vanderbyl both have secret boyfriends. However, neither of these guys have been featured on their popular YouTube channel.

Now, you might be wondering why they never told you… 😉

The reason is simple: Most of the Mother The Mountain Farm audience are middle-aged or older men who are watching for the rainforest bikini fantasy. Just look in the comments section and you’ll spot them easily.

It’s the “cute innocent girls frockling around in nature that might need rescuing” type of fantasy that makes these guys feel young again. That’s why the best performing videos are those where the girls are hardly wearing any clothing at all.

It’s strategic. Very strategic. Like…just look at those video thumbnails.

As my friend recently told me: “These girls know what they’re doing…”

Indeed they do. 🔥

You see, there are so many guys out there that enjoy the digital girlfriend(s) feeling. It almost feels real. But it isn’t.

Now, if the girls admitted publicly that they had boyfriends, they risk losing 50% to 70% of their audience overnight. And with that, the YouTube algorithm works against them (they show up less in recommendations) and they kiss goodbye to the advertising revenue too.

There’s a lot at stake here. 😬 They have to keep up appearances. It’s all part of the game.

So just like OF creators, these girls have to date in secret and pretend that they’re single. 🤫

Julia’s boyfriend attends university in Brisbane while Anastasia’s boyfriend lives in Byron Shire. Both of these guys are quite hippie and while not financially successful yet, both women would likely be content with their presence, trustworthiness and shared values.

The Farm

Julia and Anastasia live with their mother on a 50-acre permaculture farm with its own studio where they create art, music and those beautiful videos you’ve been watching on YouTube.

Their uncle lives nearby, while their father, unfortunately, passed away around 5 years ago.

Their brother and his girlfriend also live on the farm, although aren’t really seen much on their channel. No one wants to watch them anyway – it’s about the two innocent girls that appear to be single, but aren’t.

The last time I checked, Mother The Mountain Farm had 24 ducks, 8 sheep, 4 goats, 11 chickens plus 2 dogs. Ana plans to get pigs and chickens in the very near future.


Their farm continues to be looked after by the girls.

They have upgraded their farm with:

➜ Planting many additional fruit trees

➜ Building an additional cabin

➜ Renovating the old farm shed

➜ Building a treehouse in the rainforest

They have a lot of work to do. Farm work never ends!


Mother The Mountain Farm is located in Main Arm Valley, a central part of the ‘Rainbow Region’ of Northern NSW, Australia. This is known as Bundjalung Country.

I do know their exact address, having driven past their property on numerous occasions. However, they prefer it to stay private and avoid creepy people coming to their front door. (Yes, this could happen)

I can say though that they’re within this grid:

If you do find their property, please keep it to yourself.

Both girls do attend protests, forums, rallies and community talks within Byron Bay Shire, and it’s typically those associated with climate change and sustainability. This is an opportunity to meet them in person, although they do value their privacy too.


Julia and Anastasia finished school and traveled/studied/worked and then returned to the family farm when their father passed away.

From there, they turned on their camera and the world discovered their beautiful and unaltered life.

Once they discovered how much they could make, they started to refine their content, create better thumbnails and mostly appeal to men. The strategy has definitely paid off!

Outside of YouTube, neither of the two girls work in jobs. Julia suffers from a disability that leads to strong fatigue and vertigo, so she can’t hold down a normal job anyway.

Despite wearing bikinis often, they have kept their YouTube channel very clean. However, they use some click-bait thumbnails to suggest they both live a nudist lifestyle when the cameras aren’t rolling.


While they portray themselves as two simple young farmers that don’t need much money, Julia and Anastasia certainly aren’t struggling. Based on their channel metrics, this is what I estimate:

The popular Australian channel ‘Mother The Mountain Farm’ makes $17,500 per month through YouTube.

Their expenses are around $2,500 per month. This means they’re running a highly profitable YouTube channel that’s producing 6-figures annually!

Their income is comprised:

➜ YouTube advertising revenue which pays well

➜ Amazon affiliate links under their videos

➜ Their 300+ loyal Patreon members (mostly old guys)

➜ They also have some brand sponsors from time to time

You can also buy their paintings and Etsy creations, and they make an additional $2,300/month here.

While they could sell fruit and vegetables at their local farmer’s markets, much like their parents did years prior, it’s a risk to their personal safety.

Based on this monthly income, it’s reasonable to suggest that the girls are doing well.

Net Worth

They’re wealthier than most people assume, with this being my best estimate.

As of 2024, Julia and Anastasia of Mother The Mountain Farm has a net worth of $1,720,000 Australian dollars. This is based on the value of their online business, vehicles and stock portfolio.

Not bad for a couple of girls in their 20s from Byron Bay Shire! 😎

Once their mum passes and the girls inherit their farm, they’ll be worth several million dollars each. However, they’re never selling. Especially not to any fracking companies.

The girls live a very simple life with a strong focus on recycling and saving as much as possible. Frolicking around their farm for YouTube provides them joy too.

Their late father paid off the farm many years ago so the girls live a debt-free and mostly stress-free lifestyle.


Mother The Mountain Farm hasn’t collaborated with any other off-grid YouTube channels.

From Australia’s tough state and international border restrictions, bushfires and recent flooding, it’s been hard to collaborate with anyone else in person.

They are also quite private and are concerned about their personal safety, so they’ve avoided running meet-ups on their farm. There are some weird people out there!

Big Moments

Julia and Anastasia aren’t without their issues.

They have experienced:

➜ Catastrophic floods occurring in March 2022

➜ Snakes/foxes attacking their chickens & ducks

➜ Sadly losing a couple of their goats to sickness

➜ Creepy people finding their exact location

Due to the nature and vast popularity of their YouTube channel, it has been incredibly difficult to protect their privacy.

Future Plans

The two girls (and their boyfriends and mother) have just finished rebuilding after the devastating February 2022 floods.

As they both have boyfriends, it’s imagined that either Julia or Anastasia will be engaged within the next 12 months too. Maybe both!

Will anyone fall pregnant in 2025?

Ana wishes to build a boathouse in 2024. She has already created drawn plans and is lodging for council approval.


Both girls do hold secrets worth sharing, but you’ll have to reach out to Cabinpreneur privately. 😉

But no, I won’t be sharing their address, their phone number and additional details.


What can we learn from these girls?

➜ You can live safely off-grid as a woman

➜ The community spirit is strong in the country

➜ Climate change is absolutely real

In Closing

Julia and Anastasia have given us a glimpse into a life that many of us appreciate.

It’s simple living in the country paired with beauty, challenges, life lessons and a captivating story with a beautiful narration. Plus, their content has introduced the concept of permaculture to millions of people globally.

Not only do we say thank you, but we can’t wait to see more! 🙏

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