Justin Rhodes Homestead: Net Worth, Wife and YouTube Income (2024)

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➜ What is his net worth and income

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Let’s journey into his #cabinlife story.

The Channel

Justin Rhodes

He isn’t to be confused with the other Justin Rhodes who is a popular musician who was on America’s Got Talent.

This is why people often use Justin Rhodes Homestead when searching for information about him and his permaculture practices.

Real Name(s)

Justin Rhodes (age 46)

He has a wife (Rebekah, age 44) and children (Henry, Josiah, Lily, Arun and Jonah) who enjoy their off grid lifestyle.

The Cabin

While Justin already had a homestead setup, he set himself an ambitious goal to create a 10-acre homestead in 100 days, starting with next to nothing.

The result? He was successful but it wasn’t without its challenges.


Over the years, Justin has upgraded his farm with:

➜ A new ATV and tractor

➜ Numerous chainsaws

➜ Buying a dirt bike for the boys (turned out to be a bad idea)

➜ Security cameras

And he has many ideas on the board.


I won’t disclose his location at this time.


Justin has always been a little frustrated with the modern world and wanted to instill good farming and permaculture values to his children.

It’s through his journey that he met legendary farmer Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms.

From there, Justin went to work on building a remarkable homestead and one that many of us are inspired by, and despite having enough, he continues to push forward each and every day.

Net Worth

Guys on Youtube are typically wealthier than we imagine.

As of 2024, Justin Rhodes has a net worth of $3,200,000 USD.

This is based on the value of his farm, farming equipment, vehicles, online business and small stock portfolio.

So yes, he’s a multi-millionaire but has no ambitions to live a glamorous life. He’s totally cool just inspiring the rest of us and will probably never sell the farm.


It’s also surprising how much he makes with his channel.

Justin Rhodes makes $17,000 per month on YouTube.

He does this through:

➜ YouTube ads that play on his videos

➜ Sales of his online courses

➜ Sales of his book (highly recommended by the way!)

➜ Sales of his official merchandise

➜ Brand sponsorships such as Kubota

It’s clear that he’s treating his channel like a real business which helps him during the months where cashflow from farming is lean.


His best collaboration by far was with Josh Thomas and his wife of Homesteading Family. This is such an inspiration.

Big Moments

Self-sustainability isn’t easy, even if you have an established farm.

Difficult moments include:

➜ Jonah had a dirt bike accident

➜ Snakes and foxes eating his chickens

➜ Parasites killed off some of his sheep

➜ Having his pork chops catch on fire

Fortunately, Justin and his family haven’t had any trespassers (other off-grid families experience this often), nor has he generated any controversy.

Future Plans

The Rhodes family aspire to continue their family homestead for decades into the future.

It’s likely that their grandchildren will inherit the farm.


I haven’t find any gossip, but will update this article once I do.


What can we learn from his journey?

➜ You don’t need a lot of money

➜ You don’t need a lot of land

➜ You simply need persistence

And evidently, a supportive partner too!

Final Thoughts

I’ve learned a ton from his YouTube channel.

Despite his channels, Justin always has a smile on his face.

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