Jonna Jinton: Net Worth and YouTube Earnings (2024)

If you’re a fan of her YouTube channel and want to know:

➜ Where her current cabin is located

➜ How much she makes off YouTube

➜ How she saved up to buy the cabin

➜ If she is single or has a boyfriend

➜ Where you can source more details

➜ Discover more of her cabin secrets

Then you’re in the right place!

Let’s journey into her #cabinlife story.

The Channel

Jonna Jinton

She has been on YouTube for more than 10 years, but the channel growth really started taking off around 5 years ago.

She’s had almost 400,000,000 views in that time. If you’re into cabin living and the off-grid lifestyle, it’s very likely you’ve heard of Jonna.

She really does live that fairytale life.

Real Name(s)

Jonna Jinton (age 34)

She was both on the 29th of June, 1989 and is of Swedish descent. She is 171cm tall

Jonna Jinton is married to Johan Jinton. They have been dating since 2013 and were officially married in 2019. Kids might happen next year?

They are NOT divorced nor did they have relationship problems, although this was a wild YouTube conspiracy theory occurring in late 2021.

Johan is also a blogger and is highly regarded in Sweden.

Also, Jonna is NOT vegan. She eats fish and some meat, however, she does eat many vegetables.

Her dog’s name is Nanook who is 12 years old. He is mixed breed of golden retriever, flat-coated retriever and labrador retriever.

The Cabin

Jonna lives in a beautiful cabin that she contributed in constructing. She definitely prefers life in the forest:

Interestingly, she had also started a van life journey, although her channel focuses on nature and the wild outdoors.


Joanna has upgraded her cabin with:

➜ Home office

➜ Upgraded fridge

➜ Washing machine

➜ Indoor heater

➜ Podcasting equipment

This has helped her live a more modern life, while still having simplicity and freedom.


Jonna Jinton lives in the woods.

Specifically in the North of Sweden.

But what is her exact address?

Well, for her privacy, that’s a secret.

But we do have her exact location.

(including GPS coordinates)

And only for her biggest fans. 😉

She lives in a village only has 11 neighbors.


How did Jonna become so popular on YouTube?

➜ She focused on inspiration

➜ She featured her dog Nanook often

➜ She kept a very simple life

➜ Her stories are very well narrated

Above all else, she focused on positivity.

She empowered everyone with her energy

Since she’s a beacon for hope and positivity!


Jonna Jinton makes $27,000/month on YouTube.

Her income mainly consists of:

➜ Selling her art and jewellery

➜ YouTube advertising revenue

➜ Selling her wallpapers and paintings

➜ Brand sponsorships and recommendations

Based on this monthly income, it’s safe to assume that Jonna Jinton’s net worth is $900,000 US dollars.

With more than 4,000,000 subscribers, it’s unlikely that she will be struggling anytime soon.

She also does live music concerts around Europe, and earns music royalties from her past albums.


Apart from her husband, Jonna has collaborated with many other YouTubers, predominantly in Europe.

Big Moments

What have been huge moments in her journey?

Quite clearly:

➜ Several ice swims

➜ Performing for 1 million people

➜ Building a new house

She definitely appears to be immune to the cold!

Future Plans

#1 question: Will Jonna have children?

At the 19:56 mark on this video, she says no!

They don’t have any plans to have kids.

Her plans are that she’ll continue her vlogs.

Sadly, Nanook is becoming quite old may pass away into the next life in the next year.


We have several secrets about Jonna.

Things that she hasn’t shared publicly.

And things we can’t really publish here.

But to find out…simply contact us. 🙂

And no creepy sounds from the forest.


What can we learn from Jonna?

➜ Always chase your dreams

➜ The woods can be very healing

➜ Don’t be afraid of the cold

And remember…we only live once!

My Thoughts

Jonna is a rare find in a world of consumerism.

She reminds us to be more harmonious in nature.

And to chase calmness, simplicity and peace.

For many of us, that all comes from within.

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