Drew Builds Stuff: Net Worth, Wife, Location and Earnings (2024)

If you’re a fan of his YouTube channel and want to know:

➜ Where his current cabin is located

➜ How much he makes on YouTube

➜ How he saved up for his cabin

➜ If he is single or has a girlfriend

➜ What is his net worth and income

➜ Where you can source more details

➜ Discover more of his cabin secrets

Then you’re in the right place!

Let’s journey into his #cabinlife story.

The Channel

Drew Builds Stuff

Real Name

Drew Anger

The Cabin

Drew loves tiny homes as opposed to cabins, and build this remarkable THOW recently:




Drew has always been disillusioned with conventional living and wanted to build remarkable things that don’t cost a fortune. Together with his wife, he embarked on building and documenting his progress, even noting mistakes he’s made along the way.

Net Worth

Guys building their cabins and showcasing their progress on Youtube are typically wealthier than we imagine. And so, at least for now, this is my best estimate…

As of 2024, Drew Builds Stuff has a net worth of $1,250,000 Canadian dollars.

This is based on the value of his shed, truck, tiny home, cabin, camera equipment and thriving personal brand. That certainly helps him live the idyllic life in the woods.


It’s also surprising how much Drew makes with his channel.

The following (like my net worth estimation above) is actually my best estimate, based on his channel (1-million subscribers) and social media engagement metrics. 🙂

Drew Builds Stuff makes $17,000 per month on YouTube.

He does this through:

➜ Affiliate links to hardware and tools he actively uses (Amazon Associates)

➜ Selling his own merchandise

➜ Ads from his YouTube videos

While it’s clear that he’s treating his channel like a real business, he gives away his tiny home plans for free. I think he could easily charge $25 for this. Sell 100 of these a month and he’ll be doing well for himself!


I haven’t seen him collaborate with anyone else within the off-grid community. I think Drew would get along with most creators!

Big Moments

During his journey, he has built incredible things. I personally love epoxy river tables and seeing this one blew my mind:

This man is on an entirely new level! His Siri voice is funnily enough, Australian!

Future Plans

I really have no idea what Drew has in store. What ever he does build next will be EPIC!!! 😎


Sorry ladies, Drew from Drew Builds Stuff isn’t single. He has a beautiful wife called Linda. They also have a black labrador.

He hasn’t drawn backlash, created gossip or harmed his channel’s growth in anyway. This guy is as trustworthy as they come. ☺️


What can we learn from his #cabinpreneur journey?

➜ Focus on quality over quantity

➜ Stay humble and consistent

➜ Open your mind to opportunities

And hard work ultimately pays off. Like…just see how much he’s making with his channel.

My Thoughts

Let’s not focus on the money here. The man commands so much respect for what he’s built over the past few years. Even as you read this, he’s probably building some epic with a new video to drop next week.

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