Adventure Mary: Real Name, Boyfriend and YouTube Earnings (2024)

If you’re a fan of her YouTube channel and want to know:

➜ Where her current cabin is located

➜ How much she makes off YouTube

➜ How she saved up to buy the cabin

➜ If she is single or has a boyfriend

➜ What is her net worth and income

➜ Where you can source more details

➜ Discover more of her cabin secrets

Then you’re in the right place!

Let’s journey into her #cabinlife story.

The Channel

Adventure Mary

Real Name

Mary Blevers-Amarin (age 28)


Adventure Mary from YouTube doesn’t appear to have a boyfriend or a husband. However, many creators like her will never show men on their channel, since their main viewers are men who think she’s the perfect “woman alone in the forest” fantasy.


The main complaints about her channel are:

➜ She doesn’t know that much about real bushcraft

➜ She’s creating her content for the clicks from men

She also doesn’t provide much free content.




While Adventure Mary was born in Australia, she moved back to Thailand with her mother at a young age. Instead of walking the streets, she instead chose to sell her content online.

Net Worth

Female YouTubers are often wealthier than we imagine. I looked through her channel metrics and social engagement, and this is my best estimation…

As of 2024, Adventure Mary has a net worth of $2,750,000 USD.

Being a multi-millionaire certainly helps her live the idyllic life in the woods. She doesn’t really need a man by her side!


In addition to net net worth, it’s also surprising how much her channel makes. Again, I’m estimating that…

Adventure Mary makes $7,000 per month on YouTube.

She makes this much by:

➜ Using affiliate links to bushcraft gear

➜ Ads that play on her channel

➜ Running her own Patreon account

However, that’s only a small part of her income. Adventure Mary makes most her income through OF and Fansly subscriptions where she entertains thousands of men.

She’s definitely business-minded and is treating her channel seriously.


I haven’t seen her collab with any other female cabin creators.

Big Moments

During her journey, she has experienced stalkers and people trying to find her cabin. I’ve also seen boot footprints in the backgrounds of some of her videos, suggesting that a man is doing the filming for her.

Who is it? I think we know… 🤫

Future Plans

Adventure Mary has found a winning combination!

Step 1: Entertain men with bushcraft content

Step 2: Sell them into a subscription into nudist content

Step 3: Profit immensely

It’s definitely working for her!

However, she is considering marriage and settling down and is looking for the right guy. Perhaps that’s you?


What can we learn from her #lifeinthewoods journey?

➜ You don’t need to know a ton about bushcraft

➜ The right thumbnail definitely drives more viewers

And of course, some women are paid a fortune for their “talents” on YouTube.

My Thoughts

While I don’t really watch her content, I respect her hustle and dedication to her channel. She has found a winning strategy for sure!

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