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Let’s share a little more about this little slice of the internet.

What Is Cabinpreneur?

This site is a blend of cabin ownership and entrepreneurship for those who refuse the status quo.

Cabinpreneur is designed for cabin builders, permaculture enthusiasts, minimalists, homesteaders and fans of the famous Walden book by Henry David Thoreau.

We’re dedicated to sharing our knowledge, inspiration and motivation to help you enjoy your off grid freedom.

On this site, we aspire to create:

  • Log cabin inspirational roundups
  • Ideas for cabin layouts
  • Tiny home ideas and designs
  • Permaculture and homesteading tips
  • Remote working opportunities
  • Working with a low carbon footprint

And if that resonates with you, we would love to see you on this site more often!

A Message From Our Author

Hi! I’m Joshua and I’ve built Cabinpreneur after 10 years of building micro-businesses. I become stressed, overworked and ultimately burned out. A cabin in the woods is my ultimate escape.

Initially I imagined I would get away for the occasional weekend, but I later realized that I could simply live, work and enjoy my very own cabin in the woods.

However, finding all the information I needed was difficult and somewhat confusing, so in March 2022, I decided to create Cabinpreneur.

And now, just 2 years later, more than 7,000 people per month visit this site. The best part? I’m just getting started on this quest. 🙂

As Cabinpreneur scales up, I hope to get you inspired to create your own escape.

Away from the fast-paced materialistic world of single-use plastics, unhealthy food choices and questionable corporate motives.

And especially away from cookie-cutter expectations that society places upon us.

In the future, I absolutely see communities embracing sustainable living but that’s a long road ahead. The future starts with us: The misfits, the change-makers, the revolutionists and those who are ready to embrace a new way of life.

From one soul to another, I’d love to have you join the Cabinpreneur journey as this unfolds.

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